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Alliances Working Overtime Contest

This Week

Feb 25th-Mar 4th!

Calling all Alliances!

When Alliances work together,
they get things done!
This is a challenge of teamwork,
and effectiveness.
Alliances have a new battlefield:
the workshop!
Can you build enough?

This is an Official Dungeon Overlord Contest for Classic, Infernal Abyss, Necropolis, and Annihilation!
The top three Alliances that are able to craft the most high-quality Creature Bed Furniture will earn prizes for their entire Alliance.
Get the details below!

Get Busy Crafting!

All Server Worlds
Each server world will have a winning Alliance for each place. Every member, at the end of the contest, of a winning alliance will be rewarded.

  • 1st place will win 100,000 Gold for each Alliance Member and 2 Premium 7-day Boosts for each Member
  • 2nd place will win 75,000 Gold for each Alliance Member and 1 Premium 7-day Boost for each Member
  • 3rd place will win 50,000 Gold for each Alliance Member.

The Details

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