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Beta Birthday

This Week

Jan 7th-Jan 13th!

Calling all Overlords!

We’re challenging you!
Rise up, and trade your party hat,
for a thinking cap!

This is an Official Dungeon Overlord Contest for Classic, Infernal Abyss, Necropolis, and Annihilation!
The Overlords, from each tier, who most improve their Research collection, will earn Gold, Food, and Bookcases.
Get the details below!

Let’s Party!

Dungeon Overlord™ launched its first server world into Beta two years ago. Since that time, we have officially launched the game, and expanded to three platforms! Over the past two years, Dungeon Overlord has had many improvements made, and even more are planned for the future.

As any game requires a team to work together, research, and learn together, a successful Overlord relies on the same basic principles. This is especially true when it comes to Researching Technologies. Without your Warlocks and Liches toiling in the Dungeon, Overlords wouldn’t learn battle techniques, gain mining abilities, control additional Creatures, or numerous other strategies that will lead to total dominance.

So, in the spirit of our birthday celebration, we challenge you to put your team to the test! It’s time to step up your Research. Do whatever it takes to increase your overall “collected Research” output. We will reward three players on each server world for the most improvement in the amount of research they are able to collect over the week. Start priming your Libraries, and get the full details below!

All Server Worlds
Each server world will have a winner from each tier

  • Tier One: Overlords Level 1 - 20
    • The most improved Overlord will receive 20,000 Food, 50,000 Gold, 10 Bookcases
  • Tier Two: Overlords Level 21 - 40
    • The most improved Overlord will receive 30,000 Food, 75,000 Gold, 5 Sturdy Bookcases
  • Tier Three: Overlords Level 41+
    • The most improved Overlord will receive 40,000 Food, 100,000 Gold, 10 Sturdy Bookcases

The Details

  • Each Dungeon can produce a maximum of 12,000 Research per hour. To be counted, the Research must be collected
  • Classic Research generation differs from Infernal Abyss, Annihilation, and Necropolis. Please review the Official Wiki for these differences
  • All rewards will be awarded based on their prior week’s research collection rate
  • All rewards are based on the starting position. Even a player levels, they will still be counted in their starting tier.
  • The rewards will be awarded based on the total percentage increase of Research collection, over the contest period, compared to their research collection percentage prior to the contest period
    • This will be determined by comparing the average rate of research being collected on a daily basis prior to January 3, 2012 to the average rate of research being collected during the contest period from January 7th to January 13th
  • Winners will be identified for each server world
  • Overlords, who wish to participate, must have created a Dungeon Overlord account before 12:00 am CST January 3, 2013

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