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Winning Selections for the “Let Your Goblin Be Your Guide” Contest

(All Photos courtesy of Stock Free Images)  



  • There was one winner selected for each photo.
  • Each winner was awarded 50 Dungeon Marks™!
  • While we couldn’t award them prizes, we wanted to recognize a few Runner-ups!
  • A huge thanks to all who entered! Watch the Dungeon Overlord Facebook Page for more chances to win in the future! 


Photo 1 Winner: James C!

Honorable Mention: Timothy W – “Thank you for calling customer support. The Overlord is busy, please try again later”



Photo 2 Winner: Mike A!

Honorable Mention: Sandra B – “This Priestess appears to be a novice.”


Photo 3 Winner: Franklin P!

Honorable Mention: Kirk A – “Feed your Creatures, not the Llama.”


Photo 4 Winner: Steven N!


Honorable Mention: Jesse P – “Try to recruit it. Small children are more vicious than Death Knights.”


Photo 5 Winner: Daniel T!


Honorable Mention: Jesse L – “Your Taskmaster: Daughter, has increased to Level 12. Soon she will leave “Parental” Alliance, and join “Rebellious Teenager” Alliance. Caution: “Rebellious Teenager” Alliance is hostile to “Parental” Alliance.”