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Update News for Feb 2, 2011



Dungeon Overlord Update News for February 2nd, 2011

Dungeon Overlord’s™ Update for February 2, includes a number of exciting new features. The improvement to the Combat Artificial Intelligence is the most expansive. Details on that, can be found HERE. https://dungeonoverlord.com/blog/combat-ai/

Additionally, we are very excited about a few other features, including Daily Quests, Consecutive Login Reward, and Spying. We’d like to provide a basic summation of these assets.

For a full list of features and fixes, you can check the Update Notes, posted after the Update has been completed.

Daily Quests

After claiming a place in the world, as a prerequisite to carrying out Vengeance, players will begin receiving a Quest each day. A new Quest will be presented after logging in, as long as there aren’t any other active Daily Quests. Daily Quests are in addition to the long-term, game advancing, Quests.

Daily Quests will need to be carried out after they are accepted. For instance, gathering 500 Food would have to be started after the Quest was granted; and current Food would not count towards the total. A Quest to craft an item wouldn’t complete because there was one in storage, a new one would need to be crafted.

Players will be able to track their progress towards the goal, and can be managed from the Quest bar. If necessary, players will be able to cancel a quest they do not wish to complete to receive a new one the following day.

Consecutive Login Rewards

Logging into Dungeon Overlord each day garners a reward. We are replacing the Daily Chest, and improving it with the Consecutive Login Rewards. When players log in every day, they will have the possibility for great rewards. The rewards are also scaled by player level.

Players will still receive a Chest upon logging in. Now players will be rewarded for consistently logging in every day. The more days-in-a-row you log in, the more likely you are to receive improved loot. Logging in one day garners a low level reward. Logging in two days in-a-row has an improved chance of higher tiered loot. The chances improve through the 5th day. After which, subsequent rewards continue coming from the highest tier.

Players will see the drops from previous days, as well as a teaser of tomorrow’s reward. There will also be a count of the number of days the player has logged in consecutively. The amount of each Resource provided is based on the Overlord’s Level. This means, it is not affected by sequence of days logged-in, but rather the Level the Overlord is, in the game.

The reward can remain on the ground for 5 days. After 5 days, if the reward is not collected, it is replaced.

After picking up the Chest for the current day, the Overlord will be given the option to share it, with up to three Friends, who are in the Facebook Friend’s list.


Spying is being introduced as an attack option. This will allow a player to see a target’s Creature types, levels, and Dungeon layout. When planning an attack, players will now have the option to Spy. The target Room for a Spying mission is always the Vault and no Resources can be looted.

Only Thieves are eligible to Spy. Spying can only be done with one Thief at a time. If any other troops are present in the party, Spying will not be an option. There is a very good chance that targets of Spying will *NOT* receive any indication that a Spying mission is being carried out against them.

During the Spying mission, Thieves will try to bypass Traps. Certain creatures (such as Dark Elves) have a chance to detect a thief on a spy mission. If they are detected, the Thief will engage in Combat until he kills his attacker or decides to flee. Only the Creatures that detected the thief will attack the him, the other Creatures in the Dungeon will continue to ignore him.

After a successful Spying mission the target will not be notified they had a Spying mission carried out against them, except in a rare 5% case that it was detected before it began. The initiating player will receive a full Battle Playback. They will also receive a list of Creatures, including those that are present as Reinforcements. Upon failure, the Target will receive a report on a spying attempt, just as he would with a normal attack

If the Spying mission is unsuccessful the initiating player receives no information.

The Dungeon Overlord team continues to develop new and innovative additions to the game. We are very excited for our future Updates, and will continue to actively showcase key features.

We hope you find this blog informative and as always, we encourage you to check out our forums here: http://forum.dungeonoverlord.com and our Facebook Fanpage here: .

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