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Overlord’s Assistant




Details about the new “Overlord’s Assistant” feature!

Are you spending hours every day planning and playing Dungeon Overlord™? Do you wish you could schedule tasks for your Goblins to do, while you are away? Do you want one easy interface to manage all of your Dungeons? Read on! The Overlord’s Assistant is here to help!



Introducing: The Overlord’s Assistant

Coming soon to the Dungeon Overlord™ Shop
(purchasable in 7 or 30-day increments)

  • Unlocks access to the Overlord’s Ledger panel: a convenient place to manage all your Dungeons, from one easy-to-navigate interface.
  • Allows you to queue Training for all of your Creatures, even if you don’t have enough Resources at the time.
  • Allows you to queue Crafting of Crafted Resources and Furniture, even if you don’t have enough Resources at the time.
  • Allows you set up Resource Requests from one Dungeon to another, and commands your Goblins to deliver Resources from Dungeon to Dungeon, when you are away.
  • See all the various tasks your Goblins and Creatures are performing, at a glance: Shipping, Raiding, Trading, or Exploring.

Why might you want the Overlord’s Assistant?

  • Saves time by making it easy and fast to manage all of your Dungeons in one panel.
  • Makes it easier to keep Resources available for Pay Days in each Dungeon.
  • Train Creatures faster, as soon as Resources are available, even while you are not logged in.
  • Craft larger batches of Resources and Furniture!

Why are we charging for this feature?

  • The Overlord’s Assistant is not required to play the game. Everything that it does can be done without the Overlord’s Assistant, with proper planning, dedication, and a few more clicks!
  • We wanted to create an optional purchase, in-line with our other store items, that offered beneficial features, for Dungeon management. The Overlord’s Assistant caters to Overlords who have specific plans to carry out, and allows them to set up their plans in advance.
  • As we receive feedback on the Overlord’s Assistant, we hope to add additional management features.

So, give me the details!


  1. Overlord’s Ledger Overview

    • After purchasing the Overlord’s Assistant from the Dungeon Overlord Shop, you will gain access to the Overlord’s Ledger tab, on the right side of game screen
    • You can view all of your Dungeons
    • View the total amount of uncollected Resources, as well as the amount of storage available for each Resource
    • See the amount of time before your next Pay Day
    • Review Striking Creatures
    • Get details on the next task that will take place in the Dungeon
    • Displays Overworld events from the Dungeon, like Incoming Attacks, Outgoing Attacks, Surveys, Remote Mining, Trading, and Occupying a new Dungeon
    • Dungeon Menu Buttons
      • Dungeon: Go inside the selected Dungeon
      • Mountain: Go to the Mountain View of the selected Dungeon
      • Creature: Open the Creature manager of the selected Dungeon
      • Storage: Open the Storage panel of the selected Dungeon
      • Craft: Open the Crafting panel of the selected Dungeon
      • Tasks: Open a list of outstanding tasks in the selected Dungeon
      • Pickup: Collect all Resources in the Dungeon, up to Storage capacity
  1. Queuing Up Crafting and Training without required Resources

    • Events can be queued, even if the Resources are not available
    • If required Resources are unavailable, queued events will be marked as “Waiting”, and the missing Resources will be displayed
    • Resources are checked every 15 minutes
      • Crafting: Items may have to wait, if an existing Crafting process is already in progress. Up to 50 Crafted Resources can be queued in each Crafting slot, at a time.
      • Training: If enough Resources are available for only some of the requested Training Levels, those are trained, and the Creature is set back to “Waiting”. The Training panel will show the Level that can be Trained with the current Resources, as well as the final target Level.
  1. Automated Resource Transfers
    • Enables Resources to be automatically sent to Dungeons, as needed
    • Transfers are still carried out by available Goblins, and take the usual travel time
    • From the Overlord’s Ledger, selecting the Resource Request tab will bring up the transfer interface
    • The source Dungeon is selected on the left side
    • After selecting a Resource, transfer rules may be set-up. Only one entry may be set up per resource, per Dungeon.
      • Enter the amount of the Resource the Dungeon should attempt to Maintain
      • If a Dungeon has been selected in the “Request From” field, Resources will be automatically transferred from that Dungeon, to maintain the amount set in the initial Dungeon.
      • The “Request From” Dungeon may be locked for the requested Resource. It will not send out the Resource, if it will drop below a set amount in the “Request From” Dungeon.
      • If a Dungeon is selected in the “Send Excess To” field, Resources, over the set amount, are sent to this Dungeon
    • Resource Levels are checked every 15 minutes, as well as any time a new transfer rule is added


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