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Details about the
Lord of the Underworld Update!

How Spirit Relates to the Artifact System

Recently Dungeon Overlord™ has been rolling out features related to Artifacts. The first stage saw Artifact storage. When a Mystery Box is looted from an Elven Settlement, the Box is stored here until a Key is purchased, and the Box is opened. On Annihilation and Necropolis, if a Leather Boost is opened from a Mystery Box, the Boost is also stored in Artifact Storage until the Overlord needs it.

 Also, since Stone Binding and Greater Stone Binding can be applied to any single Dungeon on Necropolis and Annihilation, when the Technology is Researched, the Stone Binding Artifact is stored, and can be Transferred to the Dungeon where the Overlord plans to apply it. Now, Overlords on Thanatos and Annihilation have a new Artifact option. Resource Artifact Crates can be purchased from the Dungeon Overlord Shop. Full Crates are stored in Artifact Storage, and when they’re opened, the Resources are stored, as usual, in their designated Storage Rooms.

The addition of the Purchasable Resource Artifact Crates introduces the first way Overlords can use Spirit. Players on Thanatos and Annihilation can buy Crates of Resources. This can be done directly from the Dungeon Overlord™ Shop, or through the interface for Training Creatures, Upgrading Rooms, or Crafting. To open the Crates, Overlords will need adequate Spirit. If Spirit is depleted the Resources will need to be acquired through traditional methods, or the Overlord will need to wait until enough Spirit is regenerated to open the Crates.

Spirit is displayed at the top of the game-screen. Hovering over the Spirit amount will display the amount of Spirit Amassed each hour, this is the regeneration rate. While the maximum amount of Spirit increases with level, it will always take four days for Overlords to go from zero Spirit to their maximum.

Spirit Amounts

To begin, Overlords have just 200 Spirit. This amount will increase at certain Levels, reaching the Maximum amount of Spirit at Level 70.

Level 1200 Spirit

Level 101,000 Spirit

Level 202,000 Spirit

Level 304,000 Spirit

Level 506,000 Spirit

Level 7010,000 Spirit (maximum)

As Spirit increases, the amount amassed per hour will increase as well. The rate regenerated per hour will be based on the Spirit amount divided by 96 hours. Regardless of Spirit amount, it will always take four days to regenerate from zero Spirit, to your current level’s maximum.

Level 1: ≈2.1 Spirit Amassed Per Hour

Level 10: ≈10.4 Spirit Amassed Per Hour

Level 20: ≈20.8 Spirit Amassed Per Hour

Level 30: ≈41.7 Spirit Amassed Per Hour

Level 50: ≈62.5 Spirit Amassed Per Hour

Level 70: ≈104.2 Spirit Amassed Per Hour (maximum)

Using Spirit

While the Artifact System is used in a variety of ways, currently, opening Purchased Resource Artifact Crates is the only way to utilize Spirit. There are a limited number of Resources available for Purchase, and these can be viewed in the Artifact tab of the Dungeon Overlord Shop.

After a Resource Crate is purchased, it can be Transferred or Used via the Artifact Storage panel. Selecting a Crate will show the amount of Resources in the Crate as well as the amount of Spirit required to open it.

As more features with a Spirit requirement are added, this Blog will be updated!

We hope you find this blog informative and, as always, we encourage you to discuss this (and other topics) in our forums here: http://forum.dungeonoverlord.com and our Facebook Fanpage here: .

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