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Wisdom and Allies



Details about the New Quest System and Alliance Features!

Rebuilding an evil empire, from the ground up, takes two key elements: wisdom and allies. Dungeon Overlord™ knows these facts, and is ready to provide you with better tools for world domination.

  • The Quest System has been redesigned to provide more information, and to give Overlords solid direction through their crusade for power.
  • Alliances provide assistance both on, and off the battlefield, and strong leadership is a major factor. Dungeon Overlord understands too many people at the top can lead to the downfall, of even the strongest Alliance. Now Alliance Leaders can create Management groups, to allow members different tiers of permissions within the group.
  • Leaderboards will allow Overlords to review where they stand, as well as who has the top slots. Leaderboards will be available for players and Alliance rankings.
  • Skirmishes will allow Trusted Friends to go head-to-head in a staged battle, with no permanent effects.

Get more a more in-depth overview of these new features below,
and be sure to check them out live, after the March 2, 2012 update!


The Quests of Dungeon Overlord lead you to enhance your Dungeon, attract evil Creatures, Craft elaborate furniture, and even broaden your knowledge. These elements are taken to new heights with the new Quest System.

New players will have an experience, like never before. The ultimate goal was to improve initial Overlord training, and help new players dominate the world more easily.

Current players are sure to appreciate the changes. Players will notice Quests may now have several stages. There will be ongoing Quest chains and achievable goals throughout the game. Current players, who have completed the Vengeance Quest, will be merged in with the new Quest system, and can begin completing the new Quests immediately.

Players, who are still early in the game, may have to restart. If the Quest to learn the “Arcane Studies” Technology has been completed, players will keep their progress and continue from their current point.

Players who are very early in the game, and have not yet completed the Quest to learn the “Arcane Studies” Technology will restart, from the beginning. This is very early in the game and shouldn’t affect many players; it also should not be a major hindrance for those who must start over.

The Quests will introduce Overlords to the complex elements of Dungeon Overlord, and help provide direction throughout the game, all the while, tasking players with exciting objectives.


Leading an Alliance can be an overwhelming task. That’s why it’s important to have tiers of comrades to assist you. For some time, Alliance Leaders have been able to promote other members to Leaders. Now, Leaders can create additional Manager Permission levels.

How you design and designate these new tiers is up to you. You can make multiple lists, with differing Permissions. You can even edit the group, allowing or denying the Manager Permissions. Also, if a Leader identifies an Overlord who is part of a Manager group, who is no longer a viable contributing member, this member can be demoted or removed.

The strength of an Alliance can be measured by those who lead it. Decide whom you want at your side more strategically, and efficiently.


Overlords are competitive by nature, and are constantly vying for more power, notoriety, and glory. Now, Player and Alliance rankings will be displayed for all. Gauge the competition. See who’s ruling the world, and whom you have to crush to take the crown.

Dungeon Overlord™ Leaderboards are accessible from the Tab section, above the game screen. You can see how you stack up against the rest of the World, compare your standings, as well as filter results.

The world can be yours. Watch your assent to the top, and your enemies fall.


You think your Army has what it takes to take on a neighboring Overlord or an Elven Settlement? Before you put their lives on the line, see how they fare in a Skirmish.

Overlords can now Skirmish their Trusted Friends, which allows a battle to play out, with no losses. Select a Friend’s portrait from the Friends Bar, and choose Skirmish. The Defending Friend, must Trust the Attacking Friend.

Once the Skirmish is launched, a battle will take place in one minute. The Skirmishing Creatures will return instantly after the battle has concluded. Both players will be able to watch the Battle Playback, but no permanent damage is done, and no Resources exchange hands.

Now, before you take on the world, safely challenge a Trusted Friend.

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